Night Weaning – Here We Come!

I have two wonderful girls, both used me as a pacifier.  Who am I kidding, one still does!  I realize that there’s no one to blame for doing this other than me, even though I said I never would.  So it continues, night after night, waking through the night and roll over to pacify.

I’m finally over it and NEED a change. Love my girl, but I want to sleep!  I found yet another amazing article to help me along! Dr. Laura Markham gave me the courage to take the first step.  She suggests techniques that are loving and comforting to the child, while being effective.  Since putting this into practice I eliminated my little one falling to sleep on the boob to start the night off. That’s huge!  That means she now knows how to fall asleep without it!

She continued to wake throughout the night, and it took about a week for me to gain the courage move to the next step.  Wakings 1 and 2 are now no problem!  She wakes, fusses a little and falls back to sleep easily.  The third waking is a lot different.  Maybe she’s actually hungry?  She seems like she really can’t fall back to sleep.  I offered water but she wanted nothing to do with it.  Since she can’t talk yet she pointed her way to the fridge and at last– milk!  So I gave her a sippy cup and she was happy and passed right out.  But, I do not plan to get up for a cup of milk each morning at 5am.  No thank you.  I’m hoping I’ll gain the courage to move forward soon.

We’ve come such a long way in just a couple of weeks!  It feels wonderful to know that the baby steps I’ve taken have helped this process to take a natural course and eased my little one into the transition.  It’s been pretty easy for me to!

If you’re open to sharing, I’d love to hear your weaning story to encourage my journey!


  1. Gina wrote:

    Loved reading this!! This is something I’m fearing in the near future and am so happy to see that it’s going well for the two of you! I will have to keep this article in mind when it’s time for us to do this.

    • thinknest wrote:

      Unfortunately for me all the hard work I described went out the window when my daughter got sick days later :( I actually restarted weaning tonight! It was equally tough. I’m glad I wrote this article so I can remember the progress we had and that it is obtainable. Hopefully she will fall into a good routine even easier this time :)

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